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You already experienced my 5-week online class teaching my 10 Secrets to Timeless Style…

You’ve learned my fashion foundation tips no one ever taught you. It doesn’t matter your size, your weight. All that matters is that you stay true to yourself as you evolve your personal style.

Are you ready to share this foundation with your loved ones?


Help a friend refresh their story…


Stop waiting.

“If only I had more money or weighed less.” They’re done feeling stuck in a rut.


& how to love what they have now, your closet & their body. It’s time to choose joy.

No more exhausted mornings.

“I have so many clothes but don’t know how to wear them.” Stop settling.

Now they’ll see endless possibilities in their closet, know the steps to MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT THEY ALREADY OWN & spend more wisely.

Done with feeling average or meh when they look in the mirror.

“I want to look polished & pulled-together.”

Radiate who they are walking into first dates, final interviews

& build flourishing empires

with AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE to feel effortlessly chic.


…and become savvy about their style


THEY’LL SOAK IN KNOWLEDGE watching classes filmed at the Dean Street Studio with my personal wardrobe, exclusive content taught only inside Style & Styleability.

  • 10-Part Video Class: 10 Secrets to Timeless Style


NEXT THEY’LL TAKE ACTION musing on writing prompts inside the journal and creating new outfits from their closet. You’ll stretch their creativity and develop refreshing new habits.

  • Journal Companion: More insights from Hilary plus deep heart questions for their with space to write
  • Style Scavenger Hunts: See their closet with fresh eyes and experience a new level of creativity


THEN WE SHARE IN COMMUNITY inside our private forum. They’ll have never met a nicer group of bettys who believe in encouraging beauty!

  • Treehouse of Trust: A private forum open for them all year round



We recently asked your fellow Style & Styleability members whether y’all would want to give this life-changing course to women you love at a crazy discount.

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Our team regularly shares the amazing testimonials that flood in from happy women like you who have experienced BREAKTHROUGH.

And we want to help you give the gift of breakthrough to the women you care about!

Because you’ve invested in yourself and have seen the benefits, we want to make this so easy for you to pass that on and invest in other women.

The regular price of Style & Styleability is $297.

As a member, you can gift it today for just $97. 

Doors Close in…