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Each week you’ll dive into two of 10 video classes filmed at the Dean Street Studio with my personal wardrobe, in which I teach my 10 Secrets of Timeless Style — exclusive content taught only inside Style & Styleability. These are the foundations of fashion no one ever taught you, until now!

Accompanying that is our 40+ page journal with more teaching, insights and examples. Plus questions for you to answer with lots of room to write. After all, your style depends upon who you are, where you’re headed and how you want to feel so it’s time to get clear on your unique path and desires.


Next, you’ll take action with new style scavenger hunts each week and share what you’ve created inside the Treehouse of Trust. This is how we stretch your creativity and rock your world with more than you ever thought possible in the closet that’s already hanging right in front of you!


done feeling bored? READY TO FEEL BRILLIANT?

Doors Close in…


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